SolidLink (CST Studio to Solidworks interface)

CST View

CST View

Sometimes the CAD features in CST Studio can be limiting especially with complex rounding. SolidWorks allows you to draw much more intricate geometries but exporting and importing .SAT files can be irritating, and parameter sweeps become very time consuming.

SolidWorks View

SolidWorks View

This macro links the parameters in CST to equations in SolidWorks and automates the .SAT link between the two programs. With the link established a parameter change in CST (and a history update from the History List diaglogue box) updates the SolidWorks model and imports the new version into CST. This allows parameter sweeps to be performed on models with imported geometries.

The search used to match equations to parameters is very simple minded and will not work if more than one equation name includes (as a substring) a parameter name.



Unzip the above archive to the C:\Program Files\CST STUDIO SUITE xxxx\Library\Macros folder. The macro will appear in the macro menu of CST after a restart (or a history update) in the folder LU.


An example project with a pillbox in MicrowaveStudio. Be sure to open the SolidWorks model before opening the CST file. If you don’t a history update will be needed.



  • Open your model in SolidWorks (it is best to have only this model open and it must be open whenever this project is used. The macro will NOT open your SolidWorks File).
  • Synchronise the equation names in SolidWorks with the parameter names in CST.
  • Launch the macro LU/SolidLink (this enters it into the history list, this needs to be done only once project)
  • Turn off  ‘Fast History Update’ in the Edit menu in CST.
  • To alter the model change the CST parameters and select “Update” in the “History List” dialogue.’
CST History

CST History


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