Build master document from child in LyX

When you’ve got a large document with lots of children it’s nice to be able to build the whole document from a child document with one click. You can add some buttons to the standard toolbar to let you do this.

First find this bit of code in $LyX$\Resources\ui\

Toolbar "view/update" "View/Update"
   Item "View DVI" "buffer-view dvi"
   Item "Update DVI" "buffer-update dvi"
   Item "View PDF (pdflatex)" "buffer-view pdf2"
   Item "Update PDF (pdflatex)" "buffer-update pdf2"
   Item "View PostScript" "buffer-view ps"
   Item "Update PostScript" "buffer-update ps"

Then add these two lines:

  Item "View PDF (pdflatex)" "master-buffer-view pdf2"
  Item "Update PDF (pdflatex)" "master-buffer-update pdf2"

If you want image buttons rather than text, save the two images below to $LyX$\Resources\ui\Resources\images\ (it’s the file name that is important).



  1. Well, I’m using linux and this does not work for me(lyx 1.6.5). The folders specified are empty, thus I cannot edit any files…
    Anyway, if you are fan of keyboard shortcuts you can create one in lyx for “master-buffer-view pdf2…. if it doesn’t exist already

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