Build master document from child in LyX

When you’ve got a large document with lots of children it’s nice to be able to build the whole document from a child document with one click. You can add some buttons to the standard toolbar to let you do this.

First find this bit of code in $LyX$\Resources\ui\

Toolbar "view/update" "View/Update"
   Item "View DVI" "buffer-view dvi"
   Item "Update DVI" "buffer-update dvi"
   Item "View PDF (pdflatex)" "buffer-view pdf2"
   Item "Update PDF (pdflatex)" "buffer-update pdf2"
   Item "View PostScript" "buffer-view ps"
   Item "Update PostScript" "buffer-update ps"

Then add these two lines:

  Item "View PDF (pdflatex)" "master-buffer-view pdf2"
  Item "Update PDF (pdflatex)" "master-buffer-update pdf2"

If you want image buttons rather than text, save the two images below to $LyX$\Resources\ui\Resources\images\ (it’s the file name that is important).


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Plot fields with Vorpal Plotter

It occurred to me that it might be fairly straight forward to plot the fields on top of the block plots. It turns out that it is!


Vorpal Plotter 0.31

  • Interpolates fields and grid bounds to plot them more accurately.
  • Fixed field arrow plots (so the arrows point in faintly the right direction)
  • Fixed some of the over plotting issues. STL and contour are now compatible.
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Lyx reverse search in windows

I’m still using this setup in Lyx 2.0.0 as the method they describe in Help/Additional Features doesn’t take into account spaces in file names. I can’t get the reverse search button to do anything of value either.

I’ve had this working for a while. I’ve not noticed anyone posting about how to use it without cygwin. This works with the standard windows version of lyx rather than the cygwin version. Its a bit of a stupid method with some cludges but it does work fine, its not as neat as the cygwin version (which it’s basically a port of). If anyone manages to clean it up a bit and remove some of the dependancies that would be good.

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